About AGAT mobile

AGAT mobile solutions is a division of AGAT software solutions (www.agatsolutions.com) specializing in mobile software applications.

AGAT is one of the first companies to begin developing iPhone applications in Israel and has a team of mobile developers experienced in iPhone, J2ME & Symbian development.


Supported platforms are offered for iPhone & Symbain. The division is focused on LBS (Location Based Services) applications displaying relevant data for user's current location.

iPhone services

AGAT does not just write the code for your iPhone application, we do much more!
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TopoMap is a location-based application that works anywhere, anytime.

This application displays 1:50,000 scale topographic maps of Israel (which do not include trail markings by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel) without requiring an internet connection or cellular reception.

Trail maps (by the Society for the protection of Nature) are also available via in-app purchase.

The maps are stored locally on the device and are therefore available at all times regardless of internet and cellular connectivity.

Routes in various formats can be loaded to the device,edited and displayed in the app.

TopoMap contains a database of over 10,000 towns, intersections, creeks and other points of interest. One can easily add, edit, delete and display the points of interest as well as associate photos with them. TopoMap is useful as a mobile map-set as well as an excellent navigation tool.

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AG ActiveSync filter
The filter is an add on to IAG / ISA server that enables controlling the synchronization of your mobile smart phones.

With AG ActiveSync you can control and define rules (allow or block) by:
  1. 1. Device type (iPhone, windows mobile etc).
  2. 2. Exchange objects (mails, contacts, Tasks, Events)
  3. 3. Attachments
  4. 4. Words in content
  5. 5. DeviceID (specific users)

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Protect your network

Mobile smart phones are infact mini computers and should be treated from a security aspect as a potential threat.

Protect your network and control your content when using ActiveSync More and more companies encourage their employees to work with their mobile devices under Bring Your Own (BYO) strategy to save money and improve efficiency.

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